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Link Exchange Policy

  • Links must be of value and of relevance to to our user's home searching effort (i.e. other real estate sites, handyman sites, mortgage companies sites, home improvement sites, etc.)
  • Web site must be family-friendly. We believe that links are a service to our visitors, not just for page rankings and SEO, so link addtions should be user-friendly.
  • Links back to us should be in a visible, logical and accessible location:
    • It should be EASY to find a well labeled, direct link to the "link" or "resources" section from the homepage (not fonts smaller than 11 px and no invisible text),
    • The link/resources sections should be indexed and organized by subject and alphabetically with no more than 30 links per heading or sub-heading.
    • Our link should be EASY to find and should be no more than three clicks from the home page (we verify links by starting at the home page).
    • The link to our site needs to be on a page which is indexed by the search engines.
  • Generally, we exchange links one-for-one to a page in the domain that links to us -- no triangular links.
  • We do not link to any sites that tries to hide its links page.
  • We do not link to any sites that puts links in a java script code, or runs links through a cgi script, with the effect of making the links invisible to search engine spiders or that uses the Rel='NoFollow' attribute in the link.
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